Walk Like a Bird : Oil on linen : 2019
Impersonating Dusk, oil on linen : 2019

The following series is inspired from a collaboration with dancers from Jacob’s Pillow.

Back Support : oil on linen : 2019 : Collaboration with Jacob’s Pillow Dancers
Standing Ovation : oil on linen : 2019 : 56″h x 78″w
Detail of Standing Ovation
Alone Together : Oil on linen: 2019 : 36″w x 42″h
Cave of a Mouth : oil on panel : 14″ x 11″ 2019
The Heart is a Small Sun : oil on linen : 68″h x 48″w 2019
Facebookers Having Lunch : oil on panel : 2019 : 14″ x 11″
  • Ariel Basson Freiberg working in her studio during her residency at MASS MoCA: “In collaboration with the dancers at the school at Jacobs Pillow, i have been working on a series of paintings wherein the figures dance engulf, take space and assert form with broad gestures”

Mass MoCA Studio 2019
Mass MoCA Studio 2019

Fitting Our Shoes : oil on linen : 2019: 74″ x 56″

Confetti : oil on linen: 48″h x 36″w : 2019
High Volume: oil on linen: 48″ x 36″ : 2019

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