Drawing + Prints

Reposition : charcoal on paper : 2017
Enter Feminine Delinquency : charcoal on ripped Rives Bfk paper : 2015
09 Freiberg_star_mediums
Star Mediums : site specific drawings for Inside Out gallery :
Star Mediums

features large-scale site-specific charcoal drawings for the public spaces of the Inside-Out Gallery. These drawings omit the identifying features of faces, giving stage for foreheads and hair within discrete torn shapes. The hair and forehead portraits are
clearly someone’s hair, yet the passerby is denied the resolution of the identifying features.
The two faces below the red CVS signage “Photo Center” express intention toward the fugitive nature of identity and representation. On the left, the woman’s styled hair sports two hairdos. Her vision, voice and sense of smell are absence from the portrait. The man’s head indicates corrective wear paired with a collared shirt. A dark void obscures his main features.

In the second window, below “Beauty” is a woman with wide style hair, commonly seen in ads promoting beauty products.

“Star Mediums” viewed from the street, in spaces typically used to sell and promote products, hold frame for incomplete portraits, which remain in frozen states degeneration.

Feminine Delinquency : charcoal, graphite ink, salt with paper : 2015 : Sherman Gallery at Boston University
Undone 2 : Charcoal on Rives BFK paper : 2016


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